Friday, August 26, 2011


I can't seem to get the bugs out of this site. I post, nothing happens. Then, the pictures post, then a post goes on without any words. Maybe I'll get it figured out, and maybe I won't. Anyway, the pictures are about my clock obsession. Especially old, rusty, won't run, useless alarm clocks. I bring them home from all over - globe, Miami, Willcox, Silver City, Camp Verde, Round Top, Texas -- wherever I find them. Time has stopped for them, but for me it is passing faster than ever. I guess the clocks are a reminder to enjoy the moment, because it doesn't last for long.

Its About Time

Does Anyone Have the Time






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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Favorite Treasures

When Becky was here on Saturday, she set up this blog for me. I plan on posting about treasures, vintage items, pictures of my treasures, -- ancestors and the "olden days". I have been thinking about this, and now I need to do something.

I enjoyed having Eli and Isabelle visit us for a few days. Then, Shaleice, Breanna & Dustin stopped by Sunday evening as they were heading back home. My grandkids are some of my greatest treasures, and I love seeing them. In the "olden days", they used to all trade-off and come for a week or two during the summer. Now, they are all so busy, I don't see them much. Time passes so fast.